The setting is a convenience store, in the middle of nowhere, on a cold, mid-December day, Someplace, Alabama.

The scene (indeed, the entire play) opens with Wordnerd and daughter exiting a suddenly very cramped vehicle and gunning for the nastiest restroom imaginable.  Mr. Nerd and Mr. Cool remain outside, fueling up said cramped vehicle.

WN and daughter enter the convenience store, use the restroom (employing one helluva balancing act), then approach the coffee machine.  A coffee and a hot chocolate later (I didn’t think it could get this freakin’ cold in Alabama), mother and daughter approach the counter.

Cashier:  That’ll be $2.12.

Wordnerd:  M’kay.  I’m a little afraid to take my wallet out in here.

Cashier:  Excuse me?

Wordnerd:  [chuckling] Oh, I just said I’m afraid to take my wallet out.

Cashier: [Silently stares down the offending Wordnerd, who has just looked around and discovered that she is surrounded by a bunch of black and Hispanic men who have no idea that what Wordnerd MEANT was that the place is filled with University of Alabama and Auburn University paraphernalia and that her wallet is emblazoned with LSU Tigers and NOT that she’s afraid to remove her wallet because she’s the whitest thing in there.]

Wordnerd:  OH. Uh. Wait … no … uh …

Miss Priss:  Let’s GO, mom.

Wordnerd:  Keep the change!