Fourteen children.  Eight of them newborns. $2 million before she’ll talk to anyone.

And now she says she wants to become a ‘televised childcare expert.’  I’m thinking she should try actually raising these children before calling herself anything other than a media whore.


Ok,  WordPress has seen fit to redesign their dashboard.  The problem is, I can only see half of my post.  So I have no idea how the right side of the post looks.

That said, I’m leaving you with this.  It’s good for a laugh.  Particularly if you’ve ever been the recipient of a less-than-ahem-thoughful gift.


I’ll be back when I figure out how to work this thing.

So, interestingly enough…

Halfway through the LSU-Troy game I started high-fiving myself for turning the tickets down.  Ha!, said I.  Everyone is sitting up there freezing their arses off watching us lose to a rent-a-win team.  But not me!  No sirree, bob, I’m at home, nice and warm.

Going back and forth with heavy loads of wet laundry.  From one house to another.  Because my neighbor was kind enough to offer her washer for me to finish the laundry that stopped mid-cycle when my washer decided to break.  (Why do they always break when they are full of dirty, soapy water?  Huh?  HEY!!!! LAUNDRY GODS!!! CAN YOU ANSWER DAT $HIT????)

Laundry is heavy.  Especially when it is wet.  And it’s cold out.  But hey.  I could be watching LSU get the $hit kicked out of …



LSU scored 37 points in the game’s final 16:26 minutes and staged the biggest comeback win in  the modern history of the program?

Let me get back to you on that a little later.  I have to finish wringing out, by hand, a load of half-washed clothes.

I love my life.

Although most of you know my political leanings, I tend to try to avoid political discussion here at the old Jambalaya Cafe.   Political bloggers are so much better at this stuff than I am, anyway, and you’re not really coming here to see if I can point you in the direction of a good presidential candidate.  anyone but hillary godforbid anyone but hillary Ahem.  Did y’all hear something?  No?  Ok.  Me neither.

Anyway, it takes a lot to get me to post something political.  But an article in today’s news has me fuming, I mean FUMING.  Political correctness, in all its crazyassedness, has finally been taken to a level that I simply. Cannot. Abide.

Dumbledore is gay.

That’s fine, actually.  I honestly don’t care WHAT gets his robes moving.   Except that he is a fictional character.  So, in that respect, he doesn’t have to have an orientation at all.  If he does, fine.  If it matters to the story.  But it doesn’t, and it didn’t.  One simple line, which could have been taken a million ways?  Clarified now, after the fact, to a group of kids?  For no apparent reason?

The author may have meant well.  She may have wanted to open the door to readers who may be dealing with these questions in their own lives.  Well, good for her.  Because now, some parents are going to have to address some serious questions that they may have wanted to put off for a few more years.

If I’m questioning my own orientation, I don’t think I’m going to look to the Harry Potter series for validation.

Unless I’m a two-hundred-year-old wizard.

…or can it?

 I mean geez.  Guys.  I’m capable of remembering when dues, sweatshirt money, and term papers are due.  I know when the library closes, where to find the best stuff for social studies fair, and Miss Priss’ cheer schedule.  I can remind Mr. Cool eleventy-five times that he needs to finish his book by the 19th.  I can pay a mortgage, two car notes, insurance payments, and a slew of other bills without them being late. At work, I can handle deadlines, emergency rulings, and obnoxious co-workers without blinking.  I know how many originals and duplicate originals are required for each court system.  I remember birthdays, PIN numbers, and to pack Miss Priss’s pom-poms.


In an unusual, if not ironic, turn of events, Snopes B*tch, otherwise known to readers as Wordnerd, got totally served by the internets this past weekend.


Wordnerd, who adopted the title “Snopes B*tch” recently as she described her efforts to rid the internet of sappy emails (otherwise known as glurge) and too-good-to-be-true emails, found herself on the other side of the proverbial fence when she entered a Blockbuster video rental store, intending to cash in a ticket for two free rentals, a tub of popcorn, and two twenty-ounce Coca-Cola products.


Her plans were thwarted, however, by a steely-eyed manager who immediately declared the internet-generated coupon to be a complete hoax, albeit a damn good looking facsimile of a Blockbuster coupon.


When approached for comment, Wordnerd exclaimed that she did not wish to be quoted and wanted the entire thing to ‘just go away’. However, as she closed the doors on reporters and their eager questions, she could be heard to be mumbling something about wishing she had found this out before her family spent thirty g*ddamn minutes arguing about which movies to rent.


Wordnerd’s representatives issued the following statement this morning: “Wordnerd is extremely distressed at this development but considers it a private matter. She hopes that readers will respect her privacy as she attempts to come to terms with what occurred.”

I’ve become the Snopes b*tch.


I’m sorry, y’all. I just can’t stand when I receive e-mail after e-mail after e-mail filled with pure, unadulterated crap. And yes, I could leave it all alone, delete the message (my rule of thumb is the more “FW:’s” I have to go through, the quicker the thing gets deleted), and move on.


But I can’t stop at that. I take the fifteen seconds it takes to go to Snopes, or Truth or Fiction, or whatever, determine the veracity of the message, and shoot a link to the offending e-mailer.


I’m now THAT person. The one that shoots down grandiose rumors and dire warnings with a couple of keystrokes.


Somebody’s gotta be the bad guy.

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