Hello there, blogworld!  Hope this errant post doesn’t take you too much by surprise.  It’s just that, well,  I got stuff, you know?  Sometimes life is just too much.  And sometimes the stuff kinda builds up, and it has to spill over somewhere.  I wish this post were happy.  It is, however, cautiously optimistic.  So there’s that.

I got into blogging years ago for no apparent reason – just another outlet for another chick with something to say and no real place to say it.  Then I “Twittered.”  Then I found the mind-and-time suck that is Facebook.  A lot of good comes from social media.  And a lot of bad.  I’ve seen friendships broken and friendships mended.  I’ve seen life enter and exit the world.  And I’ve made some dear, dear friends.  Which brings me to the point of this post, and it’s short & sweet.

You guys know Kate.  If you don’t, you should get to know her.  She’s one of the best writers out there, imo.  She was one of my first readers, and has become one of my dearest online friends.  And she is very, very ill. Her story is beyond frightening*. Please, please, please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

That’s it.  Just pray.  Love to all of you.

(*You can read her story, in her words, by clicking on the link to her post above.)