Whoa.  I am so freakin’ impressed.  I mean really, I am.  (I’m sure you are, too, that I have obviously NOT forgotten how to log into WordPress and actually write something, but that’s another discussion for another time.)  Because right now, folks, I’m just damned impressed.

Impressed, you say? How so, you say?  Well, I just found out how easy it is to buy gift cards at www.snapgifts.com. I’m serious! (This is not spam, kids.  It’s really me posting!)  I cannot believe how easy it is to purchase gift cards for anyone, anywhere.

Snapgifts has cards for everyone.  Everywhere.  The site is incredibly easy to navigate.  Cards are categorized by major city or national brands, and then are categorized within smaller categories — so, f’rinstance, if you want a gift card for Five Guys burgers, you can find it among the national brands.  Likewise, if you want a card for a restaurant specific to a particular city, there’s a good likelihood that you’ll find it as well.  And it’s not just restaurants –there are hundreds–over 600, actually — of different cards to choose from – iTunes, AMC Theaters, bookstores, to name a few.  Gift cards are available via e-mail or in the good old plastic variety, and e-cards are delivered the same day — so imagine the lift you could give someone who’s having a bad day (or just needs lunch!).

So look.  No one is twisting your arm.  But you gotta check this site out.  Not just for Christmas (although they are offering free shipping during December), but for year-round use.   Oh, and BONUS.  The cards don’t expire!

Go take a look.  I promise you’ll be impressed.  I am.