It didn’t have to happen like this.  Certain bloggers, attempting to remove themselves from the blogging world, didn’t have to concoct a story.  Certain bloggers attempting to distance themselves from the blogosphere didn’t have to devise a  plan to rid themselves of the pesky folks that dared to befriend them.  Certain bloggers did not have to invent their own death just to be rid of us.

You know who you are.  Two years ago, you led us to believe you were ill.  Two years ago, you led us to believe you took a turn for the worst.  Two years ago, you led us to believe you died.  And two years ago, you led us to grieve.

Why?  Why do that to a bunch of well-meaning but obviously naive-as-hell strangers?  Bloggers drop out of the loop all the time.  None of us is so important that the blogworld will fall apart if we simply disappear.

The folks at the Metafilter boards pegged you.  No obituary. No evidence.  They questioned our motives – wondered if we weren’t trying to raise money.  They poked fun at our naivety.  We defended ourselves.

What’s worse, we defended you.

At some point, I did start to doubt. But then I got the e-mail from your son.  He thanked me for my concern and wanted me to pass those same thanks along to everyone else.

Your Classmates profile has recently been sent to several of us.  Additionally, those of us who tried to contact the sender via e-mail have found themselves blocked and the site now password-protected.

In the end, you got what you set out to get.

We are out of your life.


There is a possibility, which is waning with each e-mail and comment I receive, that this is all some sort of a concoction created by those who tried to prove us wrong to begin with, and that what we reported to have happened two years ago really did.  The disgusting fact that that possibility exists at all is enough to make me physically ill.  At any rate, we were duped, one way or the other, and I’m not sure which one is worse.   What I am sure of is that my faith in humanity has died a bit as a result of this experience.