Let me preface this post by saying I woke up in a complete funk.  Sure, there are work pressures.  Sure, those people that we refer to as our family don’t do what they’re supposed to do half the time.  Sure, everyone is worried about something.  But I woke up thinking  I have more than a usual amount of crap going on right now.   And I knew I wasn’t alone, but I still wanted to wallow in that.  Hence the funk.

What I also know is this.  I have lots of friends out there in blogland.  And they are on my mind as much as my friends that are within hugging distance.  And they have a lot of stuff going on right now.  Serious health issues.  Unemployment.  Depression.  Anxiety.  Parents having surgery.  New babies.   You name it, someone’s dealing with it.  So there you have it.  The recipe for a perfect, blue, funk.

But in steps Kate.  One of the coolest kids on the ‘net.  Smart, funny, sympathetic, empathic, compassionate – you name it.  She’s amazing.  And she has had way more than her share of funk-inducing ick (it’s a medical term – trust me) lately.  And in her usual honest and forthright manner, she has shared it with her readers.  So today, when I checked in on her blog to see how she’s doing, imagine my surprise at finding this.

And you know what? I was inspired.  I was inspired to put aside every crappy thing I have on my mind.  To put off the very nasty but necessary e-mail that I need to write to Miss Priss’ school administrators.  To do something significant.  To do something beyond the realm of my responsibilities or what people might expect as normal from me.

To pay it forward.  To take Kate’s simple yet perfect example of knowing that we are, all of us, part of something bigger, and to do something with that knowledge.

Won’t you join me?