So, interestingly enough…

Halfway through the LSU-Troy game I started high-fiving myself for turning the tickets down.  Ha!, said I.  Everyone is sitting up there freezing their arses off watching us lose to a rent-a-win team.  But not me!  No sirree, bob, I’m at home, nice and warm.

Going back and forth with heavy loads of wet laundry.  From one house to another.  Because my neighbor was kind enough to offer her washer for me to finish the laundry that stopped mid-cycle when my washer decided to break.  (Why do they always break when they are full of dirty, soapy water?  Huh?  HEY!!!! LAUNDRY GODS!!! CAN YOU ANSWER DAT $HIT????)

Laundry is heavy.  Especially when it is wet.  And it’s cold out.  But hey.  I could be watching LSU get the $hit kicked out of …



LSU scored 37 points in the game’s final 16:26 minutes and staged the biggest comeback win in  the modern history of the program?

Let me get back to you on that a little later.  I have to finish wringing out, by hand, a load of half-washed clothes.

I love my life.