13 Things…with no rhyme or reason why they made this list.

1. I could never work in a funeral home.  It’s not scary or icky.  It’s just the possibility of the scariest practical jokes ever.

2. I really cannot stand L*ndsay L*han’s BFF/GF.  Does she creep anyone else out?

3. This time of year is the very best time to work where I work.  I have four paid holidays this month alone.  On top of that, I have extra vacation time that I have to take.  I won’t be a full-timer again till sometime in December.  And then my boss gives us a week with pay for Christmas.  Neener neener.

4. That was really, really braggy.  Heh.

5. I cannot imagine having to learn the English language.  Think about explaining the meaning(s) of a word like ‘sanction’.

6. This infuriates me.  That is all.

7. This will be lost on those of you who have yet to read the Stephenie Meyer books, but I just saw the greatest. t-shirt. ever.  “Edward Cullen <3… why aren’t you real?”  Sigh.  I need that shirt.

8. It’s really, really bad that I don’t have 13 random thoughts in my head.

9. Why don’t we sneeze when we are asleep?

10. I spent over an hour last night trying to explain possessives and plural possessives to a co-worker so she could teach it to her 3rd grade son.  Not sure what’s worse — that she couldn’t grasp it or that they are already teaching that stuff in 3rd grade.

11. I have been ‘volunteered’ to provide the dessert for my husband’s office Thanksgiving meal.  It will be the only dessert served.  Any ideas?  (I have to rock the place, you know.) I have several ideas, but I’m open to suggestions.

12. Is it 13 yet?

And finally…

13. It has come to my attention that when other bloggers list 13 random ideas and thoughts they are actually entertaining, but that when I do it, it kinda borders between desperate and pathetic.