There are a couple of different moods in the blogosphere, and indeed the world, these days.  One is, of course, the euphoria and excitement of millions of people worldwide that saw Obama elected as president.  The other is, quite obviously, the somber realization by others that McCain was not elected.  The realization that he never really had a chance.  As someone recently put it, McCain not only had Palin as a running mate, he had George Bush as a running mate.  A failing economy, an unpopular war.  And a movie-star candidate running against him.

I will not beat the proverbial dead horse.  I will not continue to pick apart a campaign that lasted longer and cost more than it should have.

And I will no longer spend any time reading commentary by people that I can only describe as hateful and mean-spirited.  One person made the comment to the effect of “finally, a real LADY as first lady.”  Are you kidding me?   Laura Bush, her daughters, and even her embattled husband do not deserve that.  I’ve heard several people actually wish death on John McCain.  Or laughing at his physical limitations (which came as a result of his honorable service to this country.)  A has-been think-she’s-cool “comedian” (closest I can come to air quotes and eye-rolling while writing) suggesting the gang rape of Sarah Palin.  Good God, people, this is a wife and mother of five children.  The governor of a state.  An up-and-comer whose time has not yet come.

I’m disgusted.  And not only with those who considered McCain and Palin fair game.  I’m disgusted with those  that made jokes about Obama and Biden.  I’m disgusted with those who voted against Obama for racial reasons.  And I’m disgusted with those that voted for him for racial reasons.

This campaign put a terrible taste in my mouth.  The gloves came off.  As did the manners.  This was the first campaign that both of my children were old enough to really appreciate.  They were both taken aback that what they learned in Civics class about the election process did not play out the way it did in Chapter 9 of the textbook.  For the first time, they debated the issues with friends and classmates.  And they came home telling horror stories from both sides of the fence.  Again, I’m disgusted.

For those of us who supported John McCain, we have four years to watch and hopefully be proven wrong.  And for those who supported Obama, you have four years to prove yourselves right.

I pray that it is a peaceful and productive four years.  And I pray that we have all learned something from this.

I know I have.