…Some random thoughts today:

  • Shopping for a vehicle for your child is more difficult than shopping for one for yourself.  Sure, you want the best deal, a good warranty, etc.  But is there one that protects him from everything and everyone?  That gives him good judgment?  That tops out at 40 mph?
  • October is one of my favorite months here.  Except for whatever allergen is in the air that is making me one cranky, sneezy, sniffly b*tch.  (Hmmm…I almost make a full set of dwarves…)
  • Tuesday cannot get here quickly enough.  Regardless of the outcome, I am so over this election season.  Nationally and locally, it’s been one of the most divisive I’ve seen.
  • Regardless of the fact that my team is not playing like last year’s championship team, I am loving this football season.  And have fallen in love with Texas Tech.  Man, that game rocked.
  • There is WAY too much Halloween candy at my house right now.  And since I culled out the crap, there are none of those caramels with the white centers.  Who eats those things?  Blech.
  • My dog needs a bath, and that fact alone is keeping me at the computer.  Anybody wanna volunteer?
  • I really don’t think I can wait until July for the new season of Mad Men.  I really don’t think you all know how much I mean that.

I could do this all day, but since I’ll need some of those random thoughts on another day of NaBloPoMo, I’d better save them.  So, I’m off to enjoy a beautiful Sunday.

Which of you is coming to give the dog a bath?  I have candy.