Wow.  How great do I feel right now?  A movement, a movement that will cross party lines, a movement that is gaining momentum at such a rate that I can barely keep up, has begun.  And it started here, yesterday, in the comments section!  I’ll let the graphics speak for themselves.

Press the ‘popcorn’ graphic for the first part…

…and the button for the second part of the explanation of this movement that is currently catching fire.

Stew, I think there is room for you on this ticket, buddy.  Just bring bacon!

Special thanks to Tracy Lynn, who has helped get the movement going.  Who’d have ever thought we could end up on the same page politically?

(Thought we could all use some fun this Friday … but seriously?  Thanks for all your comments yesterday.  Keep ’em comin’!)

Edited at 9:59 p.m. CST to add the following:

I was glancing at my ‘search string terms’ this evening, and happened upon this one, which I had to share because (a) I’ve got the giggles and (b) I’ve still got the giggles.  One of the search strings used to access this here site on this very day is…

“Can you shit out your liver?