flipped liver
flip liver
love bugs in louisiana how to kill
can babies liver turn upside down

Hmmm.  Judging by the above ‘popular search terms used to get to  [my site],’ I’d be doing the blogworld a huge disservice by quitting it.


Tomorrow is my three-year blogoversary.  What does this mean to you?  Start thinking.  Because from now thru tomorrow, you will give me gifts.   (Wait.  Scratch that.  Now thru whenever — like I’m going to post again this week…sheesh!!!)  Give me stuff based on what you have come to learn about me.

And since they are virtual gifts, money is no object.  Give me what you think I’d like.  Leave them in the comments section.

Giftgiving has never been easier, right?  In fact, you can start right here.  Yep.  It’s a big election year.  Vote early, vote often.