• I am thankful to have a sturdy home, a generator, and enough supplies to get through this
  • I am thankful for a federal government that learned hard lessons three years ago and has implemented a much better plan of action as a result
  • I am incredibly thankful for our new governor (who politely turned away talk of being McCain’s running mate because he has a state to take care of) — he has hit the ground running
  • I am thankful that people who refused to heed the warnings and comply with mandatory evacuations three years ago are on buses and trains right now — getting the hell away
  • And I am extremely thankful that I have the most incredible internet friends in the world — your comments, texts, e-mails, and especially thoughts and prayers mean more to me than you can ever imagine.  Thank you.  I mean, really, THANK you.

The storm should be hitting around noon tomorrow – I’ll stay in touch via e-mail and computer until we lose power.  After that, I’ll Twitter as long as I have a cellphone signal.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all my innernet peeps here in Louisiana and in Texas.  And to those of you in NC, SC, and Georgia?  Hanna might throw you guys a bit of a storm as well.  Love to all.