So I’m at the dermatologist’s office with Miss Priss.  We’re waiting in the exam room, and the doctor is next door.  We know  this, because we can hear him.  We can also hear a lot more than we ever needed to know.   And because you know that I’m not one to suffer in silence, you will now be privy to the overheard conversation.  It’s how I roll.

Dr.-Who-Deserves-Every-$$$-He-Makes:  Okay, that should do it.

Patient: [mumble, mumble]

Dr. $$$: Um, no.  You can go ahead and put your pants back on.

Patient: [unintelligibleTHANKYOULORD]

Dr. $$$: Go ahead and put your pants back on.

Patient: [I think you get the general idea here]

Dr. $$$: I don’t know.  I have to wait for the biopsy. . . No. . . You can go ahead and slip your pants back on. . .No, I only biopsied one side.  Whatever is growing on one side is growing on the other.  No.  Put your pants back on.  You can discontinue the ointment till I get the biopsy results.

*          *          *



I think Miss Priss (and her two remaining zits) were a welcome sight for the good doctor.  He’d probably seen enough ass growths to last him the rest of the day.