I know this blog tends to get a bit LSU-sports-heavy now and then, and I apologize to my non-sports-loving friends for that reason even though there must really be something wrong with you, because I love you all the same.

But this is something that’s going on here right now that I felt I had to share with you all — sports lovers and weirdos non-sports lovers alike.  Because this is an indication of what my guys are made of.  And if you weren’t really interested in the baseball College World Series before, maybe this will give you a reason to cheer us on.

Please take the time to read (and watch, if you care to click on the video on the WAFB site) this feel-good story.  Like I said, it’s not so much about baseball as it is about the good in people.

Both stories are short, and the first one has a couple of videos to the right of it.