The setting is the courthouse, where I work. Miss Priss has accompanied me to work for a couple of hours until it’s time for camp. And she’s hungry. We’re headed to the coffee shop. As we enter, there is a doctor, in scrubs, having a cup of coffee and obviously reviewing his notes for testimony later. At the table, in the seat opposite him, is a model of a spine.

Miss Priss: Mom? That man is sitting with a spine.

Me: See what drugs’ll do to you?

Miss Priss: Huh?

Me: Nothing. Just making a joke.

Miss Priss: Not funny.

Me: Gee. His date is nothing but skin and bone.

Miss Priss: Mom.

Me: I’ll bet she’s a pain in the neck.

Miss Priss: MOM! You’re not funny! [As she suppresses a giggle…]

Me: Uh…

Miss Priss: STOP IT.

Me: Oooo…baby…

Miss Priss: MOM…

Me: …got…

Miss Priss: DON’T…

Me: BACK! Baby … Got … Back!!!

Miss Priss: Don’t say another word.

Me: You know, after his testimony, he’ll be in the mood for heavy necking.

Me: Hey! Where…

Me: Miss Priss?

Miss Priss: GO. AWAY.

Me: Whaaaaaaat?

Miss Priss: Mom!

Me: Elevator’s here.

Miss Priss: I’ll take the stairs. I’m not getting in there with you.

DING. [elevator door opens]

Me: Hi.

Miss Priss: Don’t even start.