Today is the start of the “super-regional” baseball series between LSU and UC-Irvine. Best of three, with the winners getting a ticket to the College World Series in Omaha. It’s being played at Alex Box Stadium at LSU. LSU’s playing its best ball right now, and the fans are ready for a Tiger-sized party. Now, if you were a coach of a team- coming to this hostile environment – would you say this?

“They’re [speaking of fans at their previous tournament] not on you, and they’re not rude and they’re not vicious and they know the Civil War is over and they know how to act. Now, I don’t mean to suggest (that is the case at LSU). I really don’t.”

Probably should have waited to say that, bud.  It’s on. Tigers vs. ahem, Anteaters. 5 pm CST. Even if you don’t like baseball, it should be a show.