Well, first, Jen of ‘Chapter Next’ shamed me. Next, I am happy as a pig in sh*t because I have my electricity back after three days without, because my home escaped major damage from the tornadoes that tore thru here Wednesday, and finally, because my day looks like this:

There are also the sports-related happies, which don’t do much for most of you but render this crazed sports fan all but delirious (Go N.O. Hornets!!! Go LSU Baseball!!! Hell yeah!).

The kiddies have one week of half-days and then are out for the summer. Because they are older now and I’m not busy juggling them from one camp/activity/sitter to the next, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief that the ONLY person I am responsible for getting up and out of here every morning for the next three months is moi.

I have also found a new recipe for something called Cheeseburger Paradise Soup that appears to have all the makings of sex in a stockpot, as far as I’m concerned. (I’ll let you all know if it does end up being all that.)

One more thing — I’m just so damn PROUD of my girl Rebecca I could just crawl right thru this computer and hug her to death. (Not linking to her — many of you know her and it’s not all that hard to find her if you really want to visit, so until I know it’s cool with her, I’ll make y’all do the work.)

Finally, it’s time to make up for being a total jackass in the Happy Birthday department. I’ve been remiss, at best, and would like to at least make up for my transgressions by listing the May birthdays (past and coming up). And I pray that those of you whose birthdays passed with nary a word from the Nerd can forgive me. Because I am a simple, simple soul. Please join me in wishing dbgrin, Kristie, Brenda Love, StewMagoo, and Tiff the happiest of May birthdays. (I’m not gonna link because you are so not gonna go there. I know this much from my foray into the blogging world: people would rather paper-cut the little skin thingie under their tongues** than to click ‘go here’ links. So just wish ’em here, will ya?)  (Late afternoon ed. note:  AND KATE!  MAKE SURE YOU WISH KATE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO!!!!)

I’m out. For now. With a kiss and a promise to return on a more regular basis.

(**Really gave you the willies there, didn’t I? )