(*that would never make a full post on their own)

Game of the Day: Ok, it caught my attention because Ray-Ray is Mr. Nerd’s nickname, and then it kept my attention because the little guys are adorable, but is this not the strangest little game EVER?

My Oprah Moment: You still have four days to grab this and read it (if you haven’t been fortunate enough to have found it and fallen in love with it on your own) before the movie airs on Lifetime (this Saturday). I cannot begin to tell you how much I love love LOVE this book, and an early review of the movie says that they stayed pretty close to the story when then made the movie. But please read it. And hurry. No matter how good the movie is, it will never capture the book. Trust me.

Just What Does Wordnerd Write About Anyway? If you were to judge this here blog by the most common search strings that people use to get here, you’d find that (a) people really need a good recipe for jambalaya or (b) there were more kids than just moi that heard that if you flip a baby over you’ll flip his liver.

My Son the Criminal: I got my first scary warning e-mail the other day from my internet provider. Bill wasn’t late. Rates weren’t going up. Nope. None of that. Seems that a certain 16-year-old living in my household caught the attention of the security guys at a certain HUGE-ASS network, who happened to discover that my sweet baby boy was somehow sharing some of said network’s “property”. I can categorically deny that any such “property” exists on any computer in this household. I know because I sat there and watched him delete it just know. Um, just so you know? These people mean business.

Crisis Intervention. The other day, my appointment book (read: work bible) went missing from my desk. Really, really went missing. I searched my office for hours. I looked everywhere I might have fileditthrownitawaytosseditatsomeone. HOURS. Never could find it. I hardly slept that night, wondering how on earth I was going to recreate that book (you’d have to know my job in order to understand just how effin’ important that book is). The next morning, I got two phone calls at home. The first call was from an investigator from another court system. And when he identified himself and started out by saying “I’m involved in an investigation involving you and …” I honestly, truthfully thought he had been contacted regarding locating my damn book. You know, because the world freakin’ revolves around ME. (The second call was from my office — seems the appointment book had been inadvertently picked up by the rep from the office furniture company that I met with early that day.) Back to reality.

But At Least I’m Not Kristie: So I get an e-mail the other day from my BFF Kristie, and she’s telling me this story, and instead of offering my sympathy and asking if she’s okay, I steal it in order to make fun of her on the internet:

Oh, I have to tell you what I did yesterday. I worked in the yard with J. all morning. I went out later for something and noticed the garbage can had fallen over. I went to pick it up and stepped on the rake hoe thing. It flapped up and the handle knocked me in the head so hard that I thought I had broken my collar bone and my ear was numb all night. Now I have a large knot behind my ear. It was so Looney Toons I can’t even believe I did that!

Because I’m just that kind of friend.

Peace out.