A couple years back, I saw a cartoon where a guy was sitting in front of his computer, and the screen read, “You have officially reached the end of the internet.” And I laughed, because I knew that would eventually happen to me. I’d surf and surf until, finally, there it was. A brick wall with a small opening to the real world outside.

That hasn’t happened to me yet. However, I truly believe it has happened to me as a blogger. I literally don’t have anything left to say. I’m serious. I could rant and rave, again. I could fill you in on the minutiae of my life. I could whine and complain about work. Heck, I could set my nose on fire. But. Would I ever tell any of you anything that I haven’t told you before? Would I ever tell you anything that you need to know? Worse, would I ever entertain you again?

Please don’t view this post as a cry for all of you to tell me how much the internets would miss me if I were gone. For every Wordnerd there are gazillions of other bloggers out there that are better at this than I am. For every post about mama, or lovebugs, or colonoscopies, or trying to hold onto your kids as long as you can, there are better, brilliantly worded, stories of love, and loss, and life.

This isn’t goodbye. For all I’ve just said, I don’t really think I could leave it. Not entirely. I’m just sitting back, taking a look at myself, and deciding what direction I want to go in. All this means to you right now is that posting will continue to be sporadic.

Because I’m gonna take a peek out the opening of that brick wall I told you about earlier.