Well, it HAS been a freaky Friday. Here at the office, anyway. It began with my being totally surrounded by armed police officers. Yeah, f’real. (They are guarding a witness who’s under a death threat. And yes. She is about twenty feet from my office.) So there’s that.

This will be short and sweet — work has taken the driver’s seat this morning. But I wanted to point out a new little shopping tab at the top of my blog. I’ve created a Lemonade Stand. (Ed. 1/29/08: I’ve deleted my Lemonade Stand. Toldja.) You’ve probably seen ’em here and there. Anyway, while I don’t expect to make a cent off of it, it’s fun to recommend stuff that rocks MY world and see if it rocks yours. Click on, take a look. But hurry — you know my attention span. I’ll probably get bored with it in a couple of weeks. (Make it 11 days.  Who’da thunk it?)

Also, here is a game I shamelessly stole from Kate. I know the WordSandwich game I linked to a couple of days ago is getting a lot of hits, so obviously you guys are looking for diversions. Well, here you go. I’m not one to let my peeps down! I’m warning you, it’s equally addictive.

Have a great long-if-you’re-lucky weekend!