It’s our Thanksgiving celebration at work today, with turkey and dressing (NOT stuffing – it’s Louisiana!) and all the trimmings. I’m also trying to finish up everything that needs to be done at work prior to my taking next week off. Posting will be spotty over the next few days — taking some much needed downtime — but I’ll check in with you guys as time (and energy) permits.

But I had to post today. I had to tell you all how much I appreciate each and every one of you. I’ve done a lot of whining and moping in the past couple of days, and all of you were incredibly supportive. And so I’m thankful for you.

Most of all, though, I am incredibly thankful for, and overwhelmed by, an e-mail I received this morning. That message, from a family member of someone who left us, made me feel better. About everything.

Because, finally, I know it’s all okay.

Thank you, Nat.