I don’t usually do Thursday Thirteen – not on a regular basis, anyway. Come to think of it, I probably do them more than I do, say, Wordless Wednesday, although there are probably many Wednesdays on which I just didn’t post which, could, I suppose, be Wordless Wednesdays, but I think you have to have a really cool digital camera instead of one that has half a pixel, and…

Phew. Think you’re tired from reading that sentence? Try typing it while eating Dove chocolates. I mean, geez. You people have no idea how hard it is to be me sometimes.

The point is, the only time I do the 13 is if I have a bunch of random stuff going around in my head (no? you haven’t figured that out yet?) and couldn’t formulate much of it into anything more than, well, more than this.

Sooooo…I’m glad it’s Thursday. Because it allows me to act like a grown-up blogger and post a T-T AND get all this worthless, useless stuff out of my head and out into the blogosphere.

You know, so I can eat more candy.


  1. I generally love my job. In November, I adore my job. I have five paid holidays in this month alone. One of them is today.
  2. That’s why I’m home typing drivel and eating candy.
  3. Rivals.com is predicting an LSU-Ohio State matchup in the national title game. That makes me happy.
  4. It also makes me sad. Because it makes me miss the hell outta Blitz.
  5. I tried a new soup recipe out recently that I think I may end up sharing with all of you in a day or so. Get this — everyone in my family liked it.
  6. You have no idea how hard that is to do around here.
  7. Have you ever read a book that said absolutely nothing? I just finished one like that.
  8. This is harder than I thought. I might not make 13.
  9. That’s why I said, “or so” in the title.
  10. Did I mention that I’m off today, Tuesday, next Monday, and then the Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving?
  11. I’m groaning here. I can only imagine what you that are still reading are doing.
  12. One more.
  13. Phew.

I’ll be back. Sporadically. And you will, too. Because if I didn’t do anything else today, I dangled a helluva good recipe in front of you. Just in time for a cool fall weekend.