Edit – 10/31/07:  YES!  I needed to see this!!! 

Yesterday was an unusual day. It started out with learning of the death of one of our own. Shock. Sadness. Heartbreak. It ended with different emotions. Anger. Disbelief. And a different kind of shock. In the end, however, we learned some things. And hopefully learned some lessons. We learned that there are cruel people out there. But we aren’t going there any more.

So let’s keep it in perspective. Let’s spend the rest of the time celebrating people like Blitz. Not entertaining trolls. Because trolls, like strays, keep coming back once you start feeding them.

I got triple the hits at my little site yesterday — many from a site I’ll never visit again. And I wish I could erase that little spike on my stats. Because for the most part that spike represents some of what’s bad on the internet. And I want, and need, no part of that.

Like I’ve said in the past, anonymity is a coward’s best friend. That’s why there are trolls. However, the internet is also a wonderful tool — indeed, it let us get to know each other.

And it let us get to know a man named Daniel Krieg.