(Edited 10/11/07 to add the link to the quiz)

Me: So? You took the presidential candidate quiz to see who you should vote for?

Friend: Yeah. Who’s Mitt Romney?

Me: He’s a Mormon Republican.

Friend: Oh good grief!


Friend: He’s a Democrat

Me: Nuh uh.

Friend: Barack and Hillary are tied for second on my survey!

Me: But Romney is ahead of both of them?

Friend: Yes

Me: I hate to break it to you, but Romney is a Republican.

Friend: I thought I saw an elephant?

Me: Elephant? Yes.

Friend: Isn’t that democrat?

Me: Goofball. No. Democrat is a donkey.

Friend: Holy sh*t. I got them mixed.

Me: Girl, you’re a Republican in Democrat’s clothing

Friend: OMG I’m going to slit my wrist. Gimme a razor quick!

Me: Hee!

And so it goes…

Note: Sorry about the purple. I couldn’t get it to go away.