Trouble is, it doesn’t have much to do with anything else, either.

But I’m off today, REALLY off.  Really off means work is closed (so no calls), kids are in school (so no fights), and hubby doesn’t have the day off (so, yes, I’m really off)!  Chili’s a-simmer, house is quiet (even the dog is being good), and I’m chillin’.

SCREECH.  (That was a halt.  There’s no real way to type that, is there?) I made the mistake of turning on the tv.  You know, to take a look at what’s going on in the world.  And a look at what people who watch tv all day get to see.  Dear. Dear. Lord.  That lasted about fifteen minutes.

Let me just ask you this.  What does a murderer look like?  Will I see him coming?  Will I recognize him?  Because all these people on the news?  With their “he just didn’t look like the type of guy that would shoot up a whole house full of people” mentality?  WHAT DOES ‘THAT GUY’ LOOK LIKE? Someone please tell me.  And in the meantime, somebody at the news place?  Quit with those sound bites.  Just deliver the news.  I know he didn’t look like the type.

And politicians?  Say something nice.  Because I know you are going to say something not nice.  And I expect it.  And I mute you because of it.  Because I am OFF, and I have the remote.  Therefore, I have The. Power.

Whose idea, while we are at it, was it to show those nasty people getting in and out of that bathtub that has a door in it?  Or picking the scariest, creepiest, most vile elderly folk to do the Life Alert commercial?

And are all Lifetime movies about exactly the same thing?

I think it’s time to put Amy Winehouse on the stereo, open the windows, and get some fresh air.