Okay, guys. I have only worked two days this week, so I must must must get some real work done today. In fact, those of you who IM me from time to time should make it a point to message me throughout the day and ask me if I’m working. Because I’m soooo easily distracted. . . What with THE GAME, a holiday on Monday, and the hope that we get let off work a little earlier than usual . . .

But there are a couple of folks I want you to go visit. First, it’s Sparky Duck’s birthday! You all know him, and if you don’t, you should. (He’s one of my favorite L-words!!!) Anyway, he’s a great guy, and he deserves some birthday wishes. And if you want to wish his beloved Oregon Ducks luck while you’re there, I am sure he’ll be happy.

Then, you need to hurry hurry HURRY over to my friend Dr. Bitch’s site. Seems she’s got herself in a bit of trouble on this fine Friday, and needs all the good luck she can get in order to get through the day alive. Go see.