Jennifer, my good buddy, you are the go-to girl for this question. Because I, and the rest of the world, need to know if this is f’real:

On another note (and while we’re waiting for Jen to get back to us), thanks for the comment love yesterday. All 10% of you. Hey, it’s something. Yesterday reminded me of an old (verrrry old) SNL skit where Buck Henry was host. (Told you it was an old one.) He was a new talkshow host and was doing anything, and everything, to get callers to call in and talk on-air. And with each minute of dead-air time, he’d desperately try to come up with some sort of topic that would get the callers riled up. At one point, he said something about how much he loved dead puppies. (Very likely a had-to-be-there moment.) So be glad that I didn’t resort to posting about dead puppies or something equally vile. But watch out next year. No telling what I’ll do.