M’kay. This did not start out to be a sports blog, and, despite recent developments, will not become one. But.

A. I’m still feeling puny.

B. THE game is Saturday.

C. Other people write much purtier than I do most days.

D. The following just posted over at ESPN.

E. So what’s a Nerdgirl to do?

F. Cut.

G. And.

H. Paste.



LSU Tiger Stadium


Chris Graythen/Getty Images

1. LSU, Tiger Stadium

Three SEC coaches I spoke with who have worked in other leagues say that Tiger Stadium is, by far, the loudest stadium in the country. “It’s night, half the place is loaded, the fans have been partying for like 20 hours straight, this is the last place you want to bring a young QB into,” says one coach. Just ask Virginia Tech, which got blown out of the Bayou a few weeks back. Last season, the Tigers jumped on everyone early at home; they outscored their opponents 108-7 in the first quarter at Death Valley. This year, they’ve outscored their opposition 31-7 in the opening quarter. The margin’s 68-7 if you just look at the first half.

So that’s that.  This town is abuzz ablaze.  It’s crazy.  And the crazy won’t stop for several more weeks, no matter what happens Saturday night.

 Oh, and Tiff?  Both LSU & Florida have kickass bands.