…between myself and the vegan IT guy at work:


Me: Morning, David!


David: Morning!


Me: So, you took a break from bananas and are now eating what appears to be the world’s largest strawberry.


David: It’s not a berry. It’s a pluot.


Me: A what?


David: It’s a pluot. Funny name, but it’s a cross between an apricot and a plum.


Me: Well that’s a dumb combination name. Aprilum would have worked better. Or maybe not. They shouldn’t have combined those two fruits. There’s not an adequate combination name.


David: Yeah, dumb name. But it’s good.


Me: Pluot sounds medical.


David: How’s that?


Me: You know, as in “Damn, would you look at the size of the pluot I just removed from that patient’s back!”