Can I tell you how crazy my life has been lately?

All I can say is good thing I’m Catholic, because I wouldn’t want all that penance to be wasted on someone who won’t be needing it. Last week? It bit the big one. Work was crazier than I’ve seen it in many, many moons. I actually almost walked out at least ten times, telling work — more specifically certain people — to bite me do it themselves. It was crazy through no fault of my department, or even my entire office, but via some crazy rule changes and some crazy judges. But alas, the weekend was approaching, and all was right…

Wait. What? More to do? Ah, yes. The parenting. Those people? The ones I birthed? They needed all kinds of attention and crap. Like Miss Priss wanting a ride to her trail-riding get-together right before the LSU game started. Damn kids and their skewed sense of priorities. Then she had the nerve to call and be ready to come home right as the third quarter was starting. I mean, would it have killed her to catch a ride with a total stranger in the middle of a country road?

Then people wanted dinner? Does the madness end?

Suddenly it was Sunday. But not a quiet, relaxing Sunday. It was the kickoff of Miss Priss’ football season. Her school was hosting the jamboree, which meant that any parent with a child who has ever been associated with athletics at that school in any way, shape, or form since the inception of athletics programs was signed up to do something. I got to work the gate. Collecting money from people. Eight games, people. Eight. I sat in the blazing sun from noon till after three. Breeze? Cool fall temps you say? This is Louisiana, people. We’ll get a breeze and temperatures below 85 as a Christmas gift IF we are lucky. And eat all our vegetables.

Miss Priss’s game was scheduled for 4:30, so of course the games started running behind. They kicked off around 5:30. Right about the time the bottom fell out. Of the sky. Oh, yeah. What’s more miserable that sweating in the hot sun? Getting drenched by a torrential downpour. They didn’t call the game because there was no lightning. And if the boys were going to be playing ball in the mud bowl, the cheerleaders sure as heck weren’t going to leave. So they played. The cheerleaders cheered. And I sulked. Hot, wet, miserable. The rain did eventually let up. Just as the buzzer indicating the end of the game went off.

So Monday? When I got up? Still exhausted? And sunburned? It looked to be a better day. Until I took the dog out for his morning, ahem, constitutional.

It started raining. On us.

Tuesday has a lot of making up to do.