Setting: Drive-thru. Bank. Anytown, USA.

Banker Lady: Good afternoon, Ms. Wordnerd Random Person.

Random Person: Hi. I’ll be just a minute — I just need to finish filling out this slip.

Banker lady: No problem. Just send it thru when you’re ready.


Random Person: Um. Ma’am. I’m sorry. I just pushed the button without putting the cartridge in there. Can you send it back?

Banker Lady: I’m sorry?

Random Person: Can you send the cartridge back?

Banker Lady: [blank stare]

Random Person: Oh. Wait. Never mind. I didn’t put it in there. Can you open the little window thingie? It closed when I pushed the button and now it won’t open for me to put the cartridge back.

Banker Lady: [whoosh, followed by look of pity]

Random Person: Um, excuse me. You opened the little door, but now the cartridge isn’t in the tube.

Banker Lady: I know that, ma’am. I think it’s in your car.

Random Person: Oh.

Holy crap and happy Monday, folks.