Is it just me, or


  • is Victoria Beckham actually starting to make Paris Hilton more likeable? (How scary is that, anyway?)
  • is this just funny as hell? (Tiff, honey? Instant-message me and I’ll tell you who these guys are!)
  • is it just damned unfair that the smell of popcorn can kill ya?
  • isn’t it kind of ridiculous that the earlybirds that bought iPhones are now ticked off that the prices went down? Because, like, duh. (Actually, it’s not ridiculous, as Apple has already started apologizing and giving credits. I’m just jealous of those people that got one.)
  • is it just unbelievable that a person can post a bunch of absolute nothing, give it a name, and call it a post?

You deserve so much more, dear readers. (And I say this with my sincerest Steve-Jobs-Apple-apology face.)

I’m adding this in case you miss it in the comments. Please have pizza for dinner. Here’s why. By the way, Kate, you rock.

Oh, one more thing before I go. You’ll remember Amy, who all of you were so kind to a few weeks ago when her mom passed away. Today’s her birthday, and it would be great if you would drop by and visit her and wish her a happy day!!!