Happy Monday, one and all. And there are so many little things to be happy about in Wordnerdland that I just had to share them with you. And how lucky for you — when was the last time you saw a chipper Monday post? Here’s why there’s one here today.


First, there’s this. And this. (Please see #2.) Can you just feel the excitement? Work with me here. Pretend.


Second? This week marks the anniversary of Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina. So why happy? Because there’s nothing even close to those guys developing in the gulf right now.


Also? Mr. Cool freakin’ LOVES his new school. Anyone that’s been here for any length of time has seen what school anxiety does to an otherwise perfectly sane Wordnerd. Shut. Up.

In-law issues have been resolved (with us being right and them being wrong), so that’s good.

And did anyone else watch Blue Planet on Discovery last night?  Because, y’all.  Damn.  (I am SUCH a nerd.)

And that’s it for now.  My head hurts, my eyes are burning, and I’m really close to calling it a day.

Have a  wonderful Monday.