In an unusual, if not ironic, turn of events, Snopes B*tch, otherwise known to readers as Wordnerd, got totally served by the internets this past weekend.


Wordnerd, who adopted the title “Snopes B*tch” recently as she described her efforts to rid the internet of sappy emails (otherwise known as glurge) and too-good-to-be-true emails, found herself on the other side of the proverbial fence when she entered a Blockbuster video rental store, intending to cash in a ticket for two free rentals, a tub of popcorn, and two twenty-ounce Coca-Cola products.


Her plans were thwarted, however, by a steely-eyed manager who immediately declared the internet-generated coupon to be a complete hoax, albeit a damn good looking facsimile of a Blockbuster coupon.


When approached for comment, Wordnerd exclaimed that she did not wish to be quoted and wanted the entire thing to ‘just go away’. However, as she closed the doors on reporters and their eager questions, she could be heard to be mumbling something about wishing she had found this out before her family spent thirty g*ddamn minutes arguing about which movies to rent.


Wordnerd’s representatives issued the following statement this morning: “Wordnerd is extremely distressed at this development but considers it a private matter. She hopes that readers will respect her privacy as she attempts to come to terms with what occurred.”