I’m breathing again, so that’s nice. And I owe it all to Kristie, who brought me some kickass presents back from her vacation through Washington DC, Pennsylvania, cetra cetra. She brought me a ‘sniffing jar,’ made by the Amish, which is filled with herbs of some sort (funny, it actually looks like weed, but Kristie wouldn’t do that…). Anyway, it’s ‘aromatherapy for sinus,’ according to the label, and I have been reaping the benefits all morning. Hella cool friend that she is, she also brought me a big-ass Hershey bar from Hershey, PA, and a good luck pig. So, all in all, I scored big and can breathe as well. Life is good.

And I have the munchies.

Oh! So THAT’S what the candy bar was for…