Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAw, man. Bad news from the blogosphere. One of my favorite guys, Blitz Krieg, is throwing in the towel. Quitting the highly lucrative field of personal blogging. Gettin’ out.


I think one of the reasons this bugs me so much is because he thinks he’s not cut out for this. He has decided that he’s not a writer.

Well, neither am I.

And that hasn’t stopped me.

There are as many personal blogs out there as there are pop-ups. (“She married him?”) Well, ALMOST as many. And each has a different style. A different voice. And, judging from my burgeoning blogroll, I like a bunch of them. For a bunch of different reasons.

Much like a healthy appetite, we want different things at different times. We don’t always want the same thing. That’s one of the things I enjoy most about blogging. Being able to pick and choose what I feel like reading. I don’t read everyone in my blogroll every day — first, there’s not enough time. Second, I don’t need that much in one sitting. Sometimes I just want to check in and say, see how Juliana and her hubby are doing now that they are on the same continent. Or how Angela’s wedding plans are going. Sometimes, I want to see what the Wordsmiths are up to. And sometimes I just want to check in with Sally, or Jennifer, or Lori. Or be confused by Stew.

Sometimes I want to commiserate, sometimes I just want to laugh. And many times, I want to go to Blitz’s place – to see his thoughts on music, life, family.

So I’m gonna miss you, buddy.

And I sure hope you change your mind.