So wait! It’s Tuesday evening and there’s been nothing new posted here since, um, last week? What’s going on anyway? There’s supposed to be something new, and informative, and laugh-out-loud funny here each and every day. There’s supposed to be stuff here so brilliant, so incisive, that people have to read again, and again, and again just to take it all in.

Oh. Wait. Wrong blog.

I just discovered, however, that switching to WordPress isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. This was supposed to be so much better. Better than Blogger. And yet, the posts still don’t write themselves.

I want my money back.

Actually, guys, I’ll be back. Probably in a day or two. I had to take some time off to get Mr. Cool registered at “Normal” High and take both kiddies to the doctor (do you know that Miss Priss actually threw a hissy fit and damn near refused to get a shot today? After twelve and a half years of the best child a doctor could hope for, she’s gonna pull this? Oh HELL no!!!) Anyway, my life is filled with the oh-so-ordinary these days, which leaves me with very little to write about.

So I’ll be back. Either when something really good happens. Or something bad. Or someone makes me mad. Or something.

I’ll be back.