You know how it feels when you think you are all cozy comfy in your little world? And you’re a little nervous about letting your guard down but damn people are making it so easy for you? And in your own neurotic-but-adorable way you don’t want anyone to notice that you’re really not all that? So you just cruise along, not wanting to rock the boat?

Ok. That’s quite enough metaphor. You get the picture.

What I’m getting at, people, is that you, collectively, freakin’ ROCK! Those of you that actually have lives beyond the keyboard may not know what I mean (but you and I know that you don’t, and therefore you do know what I mean), but when you put yourself out there, you’re hoping that you don’t end up with only two readers (yourself and someone even more pathetic than you are). You’re hoping that you can build something that people actually look forward to — maybe not on a regular basis, but, like all good friendships, a basis where you can kinda pick up where you left off the last time you visited.

Yeah. Something like that.

And when it works, damn if you don’t want anything to break it.

Well that’s how I felt. My position here in the blogosphere was as tentative as anyone’s — I wasn’t sure what people thought — but boy, people were starting to make me feel good. So when I started having REAL problems with Blogger – an inability to update my template for some crazy reason that still makes no sense – and then my banner disappeared for reasons still unknown (not a Blogger issue, I know, but still) – I thought it was time to make the leap. And so I did.

But not without trepidation. Could I pull it off? Would y’all follow me? Why don’t I have a life? Would I, could I, survive without sitemeter? And, again, and again (and again, actually) would y’all follow me?

Well, follow me you did. And I’m so pumped about that. And I’m pumped about the fact that I’ve heard from old friends that I hoped were still around, but that I had lost daily contact with because there’s simply not enough time in the day. And I’m pumped about my new site. And the fact I made my own freakin’ header thankyouverymuch.

So I don’t give a damn about stat counters and visit counts and page views. Not any more.

Know why? It simply doesn’t matter how many people drop by.

As long as YOU do.