HEY! You found the new place! So? Whaddya think? Pretty different, isn’t it? I’m slowly getting used to it, although life certainly is different around here.


I mean, look around. No black and pink hippie flowers…no haloSCAM, no “we are unable to make changes to your template at this time…we are aware of this issue and are working to correct it…”, and, of course, there’s the smell of good old comfort food wafting through the air.


I hope I’m happy here in the new neighborhood — lots of folks have told me I’ll never want to leave, and I hope they’re right.


So please — make yourselves at home. Those of you jonesing for trivia need look no further than the top of this post — you’ll see a tab that takes you right where you want to be.


As we say in the south, “fix yourself a plate,” siddown, and I’ll get you a glass of iced tea.


Glad you’re here.

(I’d also appreciate the heck outta you updating your blogrolls with this new address.)