Here’s an idea for y’all. In order to see what my post is going to be about, I suggest you visit Casa Tiff first. Because nine times outta ten, I’m gonna post what she tells me to post.

See, I have had the busy. Big time. Work has really been kicking my butt lately. And short of posting about work, and the disgusting ins and outs of the criminal underworld (of which I am NOT a part, mind you), I’ve had nothin’. Nothin’, I tell ya.

So Tiff (and others) have come to the rescue by tagging me on a pretty regular basis. And what does that mean to you? It means you get a post from yours truly. A post of very little substance, of course, but a post nonetheless.

So the tag du jour is 8 Things About Me. Now I think I’ve probably done a few of these before, so I’m going to try to be creative and not repetitive. No promises, however.

Eight Things About Me
1. I get very uncomfortable watching pranks being pulled on people. As funny as I find life and all its topsy-turvyness, I just can’t stand to watch someone have a practical joke played on them. Ditto prank calls. Especially by radio stations. That kind of stuff just weirds me out.

2. I will not watch, read, or listen to anything having to do with eating contests. Never funny, always repulsive.

3. I tend to be under-impressed with movies that others think are wonderful. I walked out of Pulp Fiction, thinking it was the biggest piece of garbage I had ever seen. Still do. And I’ll never watch Titanic. The overkill. Leonardo DiCaprio. Celine Dion and that damned necklace. (Don’t go all “but-Celine Dion-wasn’t-in-the-movie” on me. I know. But she was close.)

4. I’m addicted to the Food Network. And I have been known to waste entire days vegged out on my sofa watching. Days.

5. I have the worst sense of direction of anyone I know. If the freakin’ Mississippi River wasn’t right outside my office window, I’d never know which direction was west. My family enjoys putting me in the middle of my living room and asking me to point toward a certain house or street in my neighborhood. And then laughing at me.

6. I had Meniere’s Disease (Syndrome?) as a young adult. To this day, I can’t scroll up and down too fast on a computer without getting dizzy. Once you’ve had vertigo that only goes away after you heave your guts up a few times, the dizzy is not the good. And once you’ve had an attack of it while 8 months pregnant and walking down a city street, well, you pray it goes away. It did.

7. And a little over three years ago, I had a high blood pressure crisis so severe that it put me in the hospital for four days because they thought I was about to have a stroke. Prior to then, my blood pressure had always been low. Since then, it takes four different pills to keep it under control. Thanks, mom. 😉

8. And in the holy-crap-that-sucks category, Mr. Nerd lost his job for being at the hospital with me instead of at work with them. True story. Hate them.

So. That’s 8 more things that you know about me now.

And 8 more things than you ever wanted to know.

No tags here. Pretty much everyone has done something like this recently. But feel free to steal. It’s the greatest form of posting!