Exactly 15 months ago, I was all yippee! yahoo! woot! over this.

Exactly 15 months ago, I thought that the future was all laid out.

Exactly 15 months ago I thought I knew what was best.

Exactly 15 minutes ago, I mailed a notice of intent to register Mr. Cool in our community school district. And in about 15 minutes, I’ll contact Incredible High and go about withdrawing Mr. Cool from the school.

15 years ago, I gave birth to the most incredible little boy. Inquisitive, intelligent, independent. A beautiful child. Now an incredible young man. We’ve spent fifteen years trying to raise him right — making him respectful, making him responsible, making him accountable. And for the most part, we’ve succeeded.

We think we know what we are doing. We think that if we do what everyone else is doing for their children, it must be the right thing. And only sometimes do we get the realization that what may be right for some kids is not right for others.

For ours.

So for a million reasons (let’s make it fifteen reasons, keeping with the theme of this post), he’ll enter a different high school for his sophomore year. With high hopes of finding his niche.

I need at least fifteen of you to keep your fingers crossed.