Well, May has been a very busy month when it comes to birthdays in the blogosphere, and today, we celebrate yet another birthday. OH, but not just any birthday. Our birthday girl today is the inimitable Tiff, whose gift of gab and ability to cause readers to run for their Websters is pretty much the stuff legends are made of. Soooooooo, let’s get this party started.

Oh, did I hear someone offer to help? Good. Yes, I could use a hand. Find some candles, quickly, and stick them in the birthday cake before she gets here. And yes, it says she’s 21, but you get whatever you can get when you are shopping Google images, ya know? And thanks to the one and only Biff Spiffy for his mad photoshopping skillz. (The cake originally said “Lesley”…)

And because I’m the host AND the Wordnerd, here’s a fun little game to amuse yourselves with.

Games at Miniclip.com - Flip Words
Flip Words

Create words from the letter grid to solve the puzzles!

Play this free game now!!
You know the rules … hang out here as long as you want, play the word flippy game, play trivia, listen to my theme song* (click right above the Harry Potter graphic) whatever…but DON’T forget to go visit the birthday girl and say I sent you!!! Just click on the cake and head right on over there!!!

(With thanks, once again, to Boy Genius Stew Magoo!)