Y’all! Do you know what today is? It’s a blogger birthday party! Know what else? It’s not only a blogger birthday, it’s a TRIPLE blogger birthday. Yep. Beginning Friday, we celebrate two birthdays. Then, on Saturday, we celebrate another one here in Wordnerdland. How. Cool. Is. Dat? Wanna know something even cooler? These are three of my bestest buds! First on the list is Kristie, who is one of my best real-life buds — you know, the kind you can count on to commiserate, give you a really good swiss steak recipe, and help you plot the demise of a family member? And understand they “needed killin'”? Yeah, that kind of friend. And the other two? Brenda Love and Stew Magoo! They were two of my very first readers when I started this exercise in mediocrity almost two years ago. And they are still hanging out, hanging on, and hanging tough. Let the coolness ensue. Since we are celebrating three birthdays, I figured we would draw this out over the next cuppa two tree days. I’m anxious to get the party started. You?

So you know the rules by now. Over the next two days, go to their blogs, wish them a very happy birthday, and tell ’em I sent you. Now Kristie? She has more stories, more things to blog about than just about anyone I know, but she doesn’t have a blog. Heck. I mean she’s got crickets freakin’ mating at her desk (it’s true — I have pictures) and won’t write about it. I can’t even get her to start instant messaging. So you have to leave her birthday wishes here, in the comments, and I’ll make sure she gets them. Presents? Send them to me. I’ll see that she gets them, too. Mwah ha ha ha HA.

I have an extra special surprise for this birthday celebration. Most of you are children of the ’80’s. And what do children of the ’80’s have in common? Yep. Lame. 80’s. Music. So how much do you know? Click
here and take the quiz. Now this is not your ordinary, blog-filler crappy quiz. You have to know lyrics. LOTS of lyrics. So. Pull on the parachute pants and blow-dry your hair waaaaaaaaaay big, and commence to taking the quiz. And tell me your score.

Also? When you are done? I want to know the
earworm that is stuck in your head after you’ve taken the quiz.

Mine? “Shout, shout, let it all out…”