I’ve been tagged… again! Thanks, Farrago!!! I’m supposed to pick seven songs I am into for whatever reason, tell you why I am into them, and then tag seven others and make them to do the same. This one is particularly easy, though, because I’m a music lover and an avid music listener, so I could have listed 7 or 70 and it wouldn’t have made much difference. Well, maybe not 70, but you get the idea.

I didn’t spend a lot of time on this; I literally thought about it and wrote down the first seven I thought of. So here goes, in no particular order of preference or priority.

1. How To Save A Life – The Fray. I can’t tell you how much I love this song. And I also can’t tell you why. I just do.

2. Lovin’, Touchin, Squeezin’ – Journey. Farrago and I share the love for this song. I wasn’t a big Journey fan, but this song is the background music to a particular time in my life, now long gone, never to be relived. And that’s enough about that.

3. Bad Time to Be In Love – The Jayhawks. Anyone that has visited here enough times knows of my love for this alt-country band. And this particular song, as recorded by someone else, was my favorite song in high school. So when the two of ’em got together, well, it’s as good as it gets. Kinda like Reese’s.

4. I Don’t Feel Like Dancing – Scissor Sisters. But you will feel like dancing when you hear it.

5. Little Too Late – Toby Keith. Please put away all your preconceived notions about country music and give this a listen.

6. Would You Go With Me – Josh Turner. See my comment to #5.

7. I Feel Love – Donna Summer. – Before the days of digital mixing, there was analog. And this song proves that analog was just fine, just fine indeed.

Now I have to tag seven of you to list seven of your songs. This’ll be harder than coming up with my songs! Let’s go with

Tiffbecause she’ll whinebecause she’s been on a mission to discover new music, even if it’s ten years old
Biff – because I want to know if any of the music I’ve suggested to him lately will make the list
Blitz – because he posts about music anyway, so I’m anxious to see his list
Cravey – because I love anything this girl writes
Tracy Lynn – because she’s either going to (a) make me laugh (b) throw a grapefruit spoon in my general direction for tagging her again or (c) both.
Brenda – because she listens to some kickass music
Adam – because he never posts any more and it’s about damn time to make him write again

Y’all can post at your own place or in the comments. It’s all the same to me. Just let us all know when it’s up.