Ever wonder how people find you? At least in my little corner of the blogosphere, it usually starts with a series of clicks, from one link to the next, until you find the people you really enjoy visiting with on a regular basis. From there, your blogroll forms. And, in my case, grows. And grows. And grows some more. And that’s kinda how it stays. (There are, of course, certain folks that DON’T add you to their blogroll, leaving you to toss and turn and wonder why, until finally you realize that maybe a little fresh air and exercise might not be a bad idea, but as usual, I digress…)
But have you ever explored how other people find you? Those people that aren’t regular bloggers? The folks that turn up because they were doing an internet search for godknowswhat and came up with you?

The ones that Google “Yvonne Buck, pilgrims, poultry” and end up at your place.

So have you ever looked at your stats and seen what it takes to find you?

Here are a few of mine:

  • “confrontational southern lady” (moi?)
  • “wordnerd” (duh…But I WAS #1 out of 52,200 other wordnerds, so that’s somethin’…right?)
  • “uneducated co-workers” (go figure…)
  • “why do I have to wait in line behind Oprah?” (no freakin’ clue, y’all…)
  • “Jordanian tea” (something tells me this has to do with Julianna…)
  • “wackos that call customer service reps” (who you callin’ a wacko?)
  • “dead bodies floating in river” (hmmm…)
  • “bifocals” (don’t even go there…)
  • “don’t make me snap my fingers in a Z formation” (hell yeah)
  • “crawfish with tails curled” (but of course)
and, last but not least,
  • “Yvonne Buck, pilgrims, poultry” (I’m really getting worried now)

F’real, folks. That’s what got people to me on one given day. So now it’s your turn! I want to know some of the crazy ways people find YOU. Hop to it. I gotta go aggravate some customer service reps or something.