NOTE: Recipe, as originally posted, was incorrect. I’ve corrected it, so if you copied it earlier, use this one! OOPS!!!

Ok — you guys familiar with “progressive dinner parties”? You know, where you start at one person’s house for drinks and appetizers, move on to the next for the salad course, the next for the entree, etc.? Well, that’s what we are doing here. Except, of course, it’s a virtual dinner party. So the menu develops here. And then you get to steal the recipes.

And I get to start, because it’s my game. And because I promised y’all the recipe for my famous Hot Onion Souffle Dip.

Here’s how this will work. I started this menu with an appetizer. First person that visits here (and chooses to participate) will leave, in the comments, a recipe for the next course. And so on.* For clarification purposes, here’s what the menu should contain:

1. One or more appetizers.
2. A salad.
3. An entree.
4. A side dish.
5. A dessert.

If we are still going strong after dessert, start over with a new appetizer. At the end of all of this, we either will have a bunch of great recipes or the collective opinion that I’ve turned into the worst kind of nerd there is. BUT a nerd that makes a hella good onion dip.

Easy enough? Let’s get started, then!


3 8-oz. packages cream cheese
1 bag frozen chopped onions (12-16 oz.)
1/2 cup mayonnaise
2 cups grated Parmesan cheese

Bring cream cheese to room temperature. In a large mixing bowl, blend cream cheese with mayo until smooth. Add in Parmesan cheese, followed by onions. Mix well. Spoon into 9 x 13 greased baking pan. Bake at 425 degrees for 20-30 minutes or until brown and bubbly. Serve with Frito’s Scoops or Triscuit crackers.

(Note: DO NOT TRY TO MAKE THIS DIP HEALTHY. DO NOT use lo-fat cream cheese or mayo. DO NOT use nasty-ass Parmesan cheese in a can. DO NOT use fresh onions. DO trust me. This is worth the fat grams and calories. You can go back to lo-fat tomorrow.)

*There is a very good possibility that we could end up with more than one recipe for each course due to concurrent postings. Anyone have a problem with that? I don’t.