(1) Too freakin’ much going on in my life.

(2) Very little of it fun.

(3) The burnout that is associated with almost every aspect of my life is near palpable in its existence.

(4) I want neither to entertain nor be entertained.

(5) I’m neither interesting nor interested.

(6) The new puppy is adorable.

(7) The rest of humanity is not.

(8) I want to be everywhere but here.

(9) My carpal tunnel syndrome is making me very aware of the fact that I should have had surgery in both hands.

(10) There’s a sale at Ann Taylor Loft that’s calling my name.

(11) If I were a writer, I’d have writer’s block.

(12) I need to know that not posting here regularly is not necessarily a bad thing.

(13) I want to shut up and listen for awhile.

I’ll still be around — reading, observing, listening. And playing trivia. Because at some point, I have to get faster than 3C and Griff. Dammit.