I’m in one of my weird, quiet moods these days. They come, every so often. Not sad, not despondent, just quiet. Nothing really spurs these times — it’s just when my mind requires a little peace and quiet.
See, like most of you, my life is filled with noise. It’s loud at my house, with tv’s blaring, phones ringing, the sound of two separate computers going nuts with instant-messaging sounds, two dogs who love to let us know they are around, that sort of thing. When I stop to read or work on the computer, that’s the signal for one of my three kids (you thought I had two? Have you met my husband?) to get to the farthest end of the house and then bellow a long, drawn-out question to me. So my life, sometimes, is kinda like this.

My work environment is supposed to be quiet, but it’s not. There are too many people who like hearing themselves talk. And then people from other sections come over to visit those people who like to talk. The phone rings constantly, I can’t go five minutes without someone knocking on my door, etc., etc., blah blah blah. AND I work in a courthouse. So it’s darn busy.

Then much of my free time is spent taxiing my daughter to games for cheerleading (yeah, that’s loud) or to volleyball games (yeah, that’s even louder). Or shuttling her and her friends here and there. (That’s loud x 5.)

So every now and then, I tend to shut down. I just get quiet. I go outside, play in the dirt (gardening is the one time my family will leave me alone because, after all, if they want to bother me they can help pull weeds), get close to the earth, and take in the quiet. Embrace it.

And I listen. Not to the noise, but to everything else.

And I’ve learned to take it for what it is. I used to think it was the blues. Or that I was crazy. Then I realized this is what keeps me from going crazy.

So what about you? Do you ever just tune out? Do you ever wish you could?