…So. I got nothin’, really. It’s one of those times of the year. I think if I went back and graphed these “I got nothin'” times, they would definitely follow some sort of a pattern. This time, it’s a sick kid and my own losing battle with pollen. To be more specific, as an old co-worker used to say, “I got sinus.” Yeah. Me too. And a desire to be outside, playing in the dirt. (I did plant the hummbutt seedballz, so you can expect pictures of a lovely hummingbird & butterfly garden shortly.)
But I was noticing something kinda creepy earlier today. I hooked up with Google ads a long time ago. (By the way, that’s been so effective that I am still working my butt off full time, but I digress.) And I promptly forgot about the ads. Forgot they were there. But I was on hold with the doctor’s office today and started playing around with the template (because God forbid, I couldn’t actually write something), and I noticed my ads were geared to, umm, more adult interests, ifyouknowwhutImean. “Are you gay?” “Dating married people.” “Adult adventures.” What the hell? I know they send bots all thru your blog and determine what kind of ads would match your readership. So what the hell? One damned day I start talking about hummbutt and next thing I know, I’m going .xxx? Sheesh!

But then I figgered it out (cuz I’m smart). It’s that damned Bar Tab game. And all those questions. Woo hoo! Wordnerd’s gone adult content! Watch yourselves!

So…given that I am now an adult site, what should I call my used-to-be-innocent not-a-blog? I already know my porn name (do you?).

Hurry up with the creativity! Soon enough, they’ll be listing ads for gardening and fairy dust.

Oh. And my porn star name? Candy Locke. Tell me yours. (First pet’s name and first street you lived on.)

Told ya I had nothin’.

Edit: Um, note to self. When googling images to complete your post, don’t ever, EVER google “adult content.” Just sayin’.